groupREACH was recently awarded a state licensure as an intensive outpatient program and provides a higher level of care to patients who are not doing well in standard outpatient or opioid maintenance therapies. The intensive outpatient service offers counseling 9 to 10 hours per week. Group counseling is offered 4 days per week and includes topics such as stress management, relapse management, trauma informed yoga, acupuncture, coping skills, health and wellness, compulsive behaviors, alcohol and stimulant education, in addition to many others. All patients are assigned an individual counselor and receive intensive individual counseling in addition to the group counseling. The small caseload size, fifteen patients to one counselor, insures individualized treatment services. Case management and psychiatric consultation and follow up are also provided. Patients with PAC and Health Choice from the community and from the REACH program are eligible for admission to the intensive outpatient program.

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