FRMS is a data-driven and scientifically based process that allows for continuous monitoring and management of safety risks associated with fatigue-related error. As part of a continuous safety improvement process, which includes identifying and addressing fatigue factors across time and changing circumstances, IBR assists in tailoring FRMS systems to fatigue challenges in a variety of operational settings. By monitoring work schedules and using subjective and objective measures of fatigue effects, IBR generates valuable data within a non-punitive reporting system as part of an overall risk oversight process.

Coupled with our recognized computer modeling expertise, IBR helps to plan and implement an FRMS program that:

  1. Measures and assesses current conditions
  2. Provides analysis and modeling to determine root causes of fatigue
  3. Helps management devise strategies to mitigate operational fatigue risk
  4. Provides employees with specific guidance for behavioral changes and life-style decisions to reduce fatigue
  5. Generates overall assessment and feedback of FRMS success

IBR was contracted by the FAA to design FAA Advisory Circulars AC No: 120-103 (FRMS) and AC No: 120-110 (Fatigue Basics) to provide guidelines for implementation of FRMS in aviation.

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