IBR’s Operational & Fatigue Research unit (OFR) focuses on taking the knowledge developed with basic laboratory fatigue science and testing it in the “real world” by studying individuals and groups in their natural work and social environments.


The laboratory facilities of IBR’s Applied Behavioral Biology Unit (ABB) support experimental investigations of environmental, psychosocial, and biological factors relevant to behavioral health and operational performance in individuals and small groups.


Whether in the laboratory or in the field, meaningful research results depend on meaningful measurements. To this end, IBR and colleagues utilize several high-fidelity simulations to capture critical aspects of behavior and operational performance in response to various fatigue-relevant conditions.


An increasingly important application of basic behavioral and biological science is the development of mathematical models that predict performance and improve health and safety in the real world. IBR President Dr. Steven R. Hursh is widely recognized for his development and application of innovative biomathematical models, particularly in the areas of behavioral economics and fatigue/human performance.


To make it easier for researchers to access the SAFTE model, we have created the SAFTEr package for R. For those of you who are not familiar with R, R is a GNU project language and environment for statistical computing, data manipulation, calculation and plotting that is free to use to the public. It is a simple and effective tool used by data scientists, researchers, and academic for data handling, data wrangling, statistical analysis, and creating publication-quality plots and graphics.