Ever onward and upward! For Dr. Joseph Brady, these simple, straightforward words were more than a lifelong motto, they also energized his search for new ways to apply his personal dedication and behavioral science advancements to improve life on Earth and beyond.

From its founding in 1960 by Dr. Brady and several of his colleagues, IBR has been dedicated to developing behavioral science applications to help solve social problems. This dedication has manifested itself in many ways and with many projects, including REACH, IBR’s innovative mobile health services, as well as IBR’s long history of work in basic and applied research. Now, IBR is dedicating these research endeavors within its building to its founder, and we are pleased to announce the creation of the Joseph V. Brady Behavioral Sciences Center at IBR.

Dr. Brady’s dream has always been to find ways to develop and apply behavioral science principles to address social needs. Today, that dream means expanding IBR’s service and research facilities so that the people it serves can fully realize the benefits associated with scientific advances in treatment and behavior management.


(Conceptual diagram; Not final)

Specifically, IBR will be developing the following:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), a service need recognized by the Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems and Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to provide the benefits of concentrated substance use disorders treatment in a community-based facility at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
  • Medical Home Center, one-stop access to primary health care services for substance abusing patients and their families, including reproductive, maternal, pediatric, and related adult services.
  • Mental health and sleep improvement services, key issues for the substance abuse populations.
  • Expanded Applied Behavioral Biology research capabilities. IBR has a long-standing interest in human performance, behavioral economics, social behavior, and behavioral pharmacology dating back to the early 1970’s with Dr. Brady’s pioneering NASA- and NIH-funded work.


(Conceptual diagram; not final)

IBR’s 50th Anniversary event launches the public phase of our Capital Initiative with a goal of raising $1.4 million for these innovative and forward-looking programs that will perpetuate the behavioral principles and legacy of IBR Founder, Dr. Joseph V. Brady. We invite you to learn about IBR’s program initiatives and the facilities it plans to expand as well as the many options for contributing to these endeavors. Contributions will help IBR meet the demands of the multiple interests served by our diverse activities. The Brady Center is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to create a lasting legacy to one of the leading figures in the behavioral sciences field and recognizes the work of all who have contributed to this rich history. Your generous gift to this campaign will impact thousands of lives for years to come.

Download the JVBBSC Brochure (PDF)